digital business

Digital tools that make sense!

Modern business need permanent adaptation at the right speed. Digital Evolution is the cornerstone of remaining at the gamble table or just being someone who was there for a while.

Wether it’s e-commerce, Web strategies or APP development, as well as tailor-made software, including in all cases an AI component requires experts from a multi-disciplinary team to achieve optimal solutions. It’s not about good programming, it’s strategy!


Experience unparalleled lead management with MasterLead, the ultimate real-time software to boost your your business. Discover the origins of every lead and uncover their true interests, boosting your sales conversion rates by up to 70%. Maximize your advertising ROI by up to 25% and achieve marketing budget savings of up to 15%. Transform your lead management strategy and drive your business forward with MasterLead.

Unified Forms Platform

Transform your data collection process with our Unified Forms Platform, designed to seamlessly integrate across all your organization's websites. Our platform centralizes and streamlines data management, allowing effortless global oversight of all user-generated forms from your digital resources, including websites and landing pages. Enhance efficiency, ensure consistency, and simplify data handling with our comprehensive solution.

Unique Truth – your solution for a unified, accurate database.

Our Unique Truth service consolidates all historical data from various interactions with stakeholders into one seamless, trustworthy source. By cleansing and merging your records into a centralized data warehouse, we enable your organization to leverage this unified data to enhance customer engagement and strengthen relationships. Let Unique Truth be the foundation for informed decisions and improved connections with your audience.

Software Factory

At our Software Factory, we specialize in creating tailored software to meet your unique needs. Whether you're looking to enhance customer engagement, streamline KPI measurement, or tackle complex internal management challenges, our expert team has the diverse skills necessary to deliver exactly what you need. Trust us to transform your ideas into powerful, effective software solutions.

Digital Training

Empower yourself in the digital landscape with our expert-led training programs. We equip our clients and stakeholders with the essential knowledge and skills needed to navigate and thrive in the complex digital world independently. Our seasoned experts not only provide in-company training and consulting but also serve on the faculty of prestigious business schools and universities. Embrace the future with confidence and competence—no third parties required.