People, executives, even experts are not enough. Artificial intelligence alone is not enough. It’s about the right fit. Because, above all, it’s the dominance over information what makes the difference.

Outrunning the risks requires domination of thousands of variables by humans. It’s the only way to anticipation.

CRAsT (Cyber Risk Assessment Tool)

Your ultimate solution for evaluating and managing cyber risks within your organization. Designed for organizations’ decision-makers, CRAsT provides a comprehensive assessment of your cyber risk landscape, enabling you to make informed decisions about balancing the cost of potential risks with the investment in security countermeasures. With CRAsT, you gain valuable insights that empower you to strategically allocate resources, ensuring optimal protection while maintaining budget efficiency. Trust CRAsT to deliver the clarity and confidence you need to safeguard your business in today's dynamic cyber environment.

ASGeS (Automated Scenario Generation System)

Harness the power of AI to create ultra-realistic cyber-attack and cyber-defense scenarios tailored to the current threat landscape. ASGeS dynamically generates scenarios based on real-time situational contexts, ensuring your training and preparedness activities are as effective and relevant as possible.

ECHO (European network of Cybersecurity centres and competence Hub for innovation and Operations)

ECHO is an EU project which delivers an organized and coordinated approach to improve proactive cyber defence of the EU by developing, modeling and demonstrating a network of cyber research and competence centres, with a central competence at the hub. The Central Competence Hub serves as the focal point for the ECHO Multi-sector Assessment Framework enabling multi-sector dependencies management, provision of an ECHO Early Warning System, and an ECHO Federation of Cyber Ranges.