In the realm of cyber defense, people and traditional methods are not enough. Artificial intelligence alone is not enough. Robotics is not enough. It's about the perfect synergy. Because, above all, mastering information is what sets us apart.

SLoc (Sniper/Soldier Locator)

Our custom-designed ground vehicle, engineered to detect soldiers and snipers on the battlefield with precision. Lightweight and easily transportable by infantry units, this vehicle is constructed from cost-effective materials, ensuring affordability without compromising quality. With a quick assembly time, it’s ready to deploy rapidly, providing reliable support when it’s needed most.

SASS (Situational Awareness Scoring System)

Introducing our AI-powered scoring system, designed to revolutionize the way we understand and assess emergency situations. By enabling dynamic and coordinated interventions, it enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of large-scale emergency response exercises. Experience a new level of preparedness with our cutting-edge solution.


Enhance your organization's cybersecurity with our advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) services. Our expert team specializes in CTI and Operational Security (OPSEC), leveraging our unique SQuID methodology and cutting-edge Machine Learning techniques to extract crucial insights from open sources (OSINT). Through our ethical hacking practices, we reveal the intricate challenges of fortifying your business against cyber threats, ensuring robust resilience against potential attacks. Trust us to safeguard your digital landscape with unparalleled expertise and innovation.

ACTING (Advanced European platform and network of Cybersecurity training and exercises centers).

ACTING is an EU project which delivers an organized and coordinated approach to proactively improve efficiency of cyber defence training and exercises in the European Union, through effective and efficient multi-sector collaboration by developing, modeling and demonstrating a network of advanced interconnected (federated) domain oriented cyber ranges for training and exercises, incorporating sophisticated methods and techniques for simulation of users, analysis of the performance of the cyber operators, and scoring cyber security situational awareness, supported by leading-edge scenario development language.